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Principal’s Message

Welcome to our school J.C. Kelly Elementary, Home of the Mighty Rovers! At our school, our community, parents, and staff are committed to support self-directed, life-long learners as they grow into resourceful and productive citizens of our society. J.C. Kelly Elementary is a place where our students are at the core of everything we do, as they are our out-most priority. It is my responsibility as an educational leader to ensure that all our energies are focus on this vision and that students at J.C. Kelly Elementary develop the self-esteem and positive character needed to participate fully in our community of learners. 

It is without a doubt, that our teachers and staff have tremendous passion and dedication for the students and families at J.C. Kelly. At our school, we know and understand that parents are our number ONE partners as we share the same interest. We treasure and embrace all the ways families contribute to the success of our students: being active participants in our Curriculum Nights, helping with homework, keeping children safe at our campus, and sending their children to school prepared and excited to learn every day! J.C. Kelly professionals work diligently at implementing best practices as well as collaborative dialogues to strengthen our instructional program. Teachers network to provide student-centered learning using developmentally appropriate curriculum and instructional strategies. We value the process that allows us to make decisions together while working towards achieving our vision.J.C. Kelly Elementary School is a professional learning community that celebrates success while always challenging ourselves and finding ways to make our school academically stronger every day. We care deeply about each other and foster that respect and compassion in the lives of our students. Whether we are focused on academics, behavior, or social interactions, goals are established, communicated with all, met, and then new goals are set to respond to the needs of our children. This is the continuing cycle of our work ethics. We recognize that we all are growing in this ever-changing world and are committed to being life-long learners as well.  I invite all of you to be part of this great team of individuals and create successful memories in the 2022-2023 school year!


Mrs. Dora Proa