TEAMWORK: Building for the Future & Growing Together


Teamwork is important. Hidalgo ISD has always put an emphasis on teamwork and strives to build its leaders on the foundation of teamwork. The district sent some of its school’s principals along with other campus leadership to attend this years TEKSCON a conference that brings hundreds of Texas educators together for three days of collaboration, innovation, and learning. The annual conference provides informative sessions, guest speakers and hands-on workshops while providing an efficient way for Texas educators to network and learn from one another. 

Laura Garza principal at Hidalgo Elementary shared her experience at the conference, she said. “The energy at TEKSCON was amazing. One thing we should never forget, especially in a school setting, is that we are all in this together. We are a family unit in which every piece holds equal weight and importance. Igniting and maintaining the passion in our teachers and staff is an absolute priority for me. We rely on each other to build up the best students we can and that starts with us! This conference was such an eye-opener for all of us and I just know we will start the school year off with a bang!”  


With collaboration being the focus of the conference, Hidalgo Elementary 3rd grade teacher Eliza Lopez was eager to share what she will be able to bring to the table with her newfound knowledge. “I attended mostly all the math presentations, but one that stuck out to me was a presentation on ‘reading with math.’ Both math and reading seem to be subjects that are very far from one another on the academic spectrum, but we learned ways to make learning math easier with reading. We were recommended books that our math students could read and were encouraged to collaborate with our reading teachers. I and all the other teachers who attended are very eager to implement what we learned and make the 2022-2023 school year a success!” 

Hidalgo ISD is home to three national blue ribbon schools and seeks to maintain an A district rating.